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 The Leveling System of TFC

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PostSubject: The Leveling System of TFC   Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:12 pm

Here at TFC your wolf is progressed through the ranks of a clan based on how they're doing with their skills. Remember to post in the skill transfer thread when you hunt, scout for predators, or fight during rp. Doing so will bring you closer to that promotion! In terms of warrior it is up to a leaders discretion to promote a young warrior to a warrior if they have been stuck in that rank for a long time.

Requirements to advance to Apprentice:
● 10 posts on site
● Have posted about yourself in the introduction part of the forum
Note: You only need to introduce yourself once. This covers any pup you may have to be promoted to apprentice once they reach the post limit.

Requirements to advance to Young Warrior:
● 50 posts on site
● Participate in some out of character threads.
● Achieve a total of 90 skill points.
● Have no more than 30 in any one skill – this means at least three skills are chosen to work on.
● Participate in regular apprentice jobs in camp such as Going on patrol, Learning from your mentor, Helping clean dens, and Hunting for the elders

Young Warrior
Requirements to advance to Warrior:
● 80 posts on the website
● Have mentored at least one apprentice
● Achieve a total of 180 skill points over at least four skills.

Requirements to advance to Senior Warrior:
● Have at least 100 posts on the website
● Have mentored at least Two apprentices.
● Achieve a total of 300 skill points over at least five skills.

Senior Warrior
Requirements to advance to Elder:
● Have 200 posts on site
● Have mentored at least four apprentices
● Achieve a total of 360 skill points over at least six skills.

Requirements to advance to Starclan:
● Have 1000 posts on site
● Achieve a total of 540 skill points over all nine skills.
Note: Once your character has moved on to Starclan, you cannot use roleplay them without express permission from the admins.
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The Leveling System of TFC
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