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 The Fighting System

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PostSubject: The Fighting System   The Fighting System I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 01, 2013 1:44 am

This fighting system is to be used throughout the whole website EXCEPT when a) The "fights" are just scuffles between pups, and b) A plot has already been predetermined, so the loser is already decided. This fighting system should be used in all other cases.

It is math based, therefore it may be a little hard to follow. I will try to make it as easy as possible to understand, although the "normal" member will not be working out these fights, certified "Game Masters" will be. (This means that hits/misses will be determined by Game Masters, though characters still play out these actions)

Game Masters are staff members that understand how the fighting system works and will take care of requests. At this point in time, Starclan is the only Game Master. Please do not PM them with requests, post them in Maintenance under the proper sub-forum. Thanks!

I. Let's Break It Down!
This system is made up of four main components, also known as "Fighting Statistics." These are NOT to be confused with Skill Sets. (more info on those located here.) You've probably seen these in other games as well! Brief descriptions are below, what they do will be explained later on.
  • HP - Also known as health
  • Strength - Power of hits
  • Agility - Likelihood of a miss
  • Defense - Effectiveness of an attack
  • Skill - Based on number of fights won

You can find these items in your "RP Stats", which you can find either by clicking the link in your mini-profile on the left, or by going to your own profile and clicking the "RP Stats" tab.

When you originally join TFC and post your biography, you are requested to distribute these points based on the build of your character. For example, a stronger character would have more points under Strength, while a more quick-footed one would have more points under Agility. Generally speaking, a strong character also has more defense than an agile one. The number of points to be distributed to each are listed below and also in the topic that has the biography sheet.
  • Pups- 10 points
  • Apprentices- 20 points
  • Adults- 30 points

Those are only the base points. More can be added later on! Agility, however, can not exceed 25 points when distributing.

You can see your HP bar in your side profile, underneath the "Symbols" bar. The amount of HP you have is first calculated when you join, based on your decisions when creating your character. Each different "rank" has different amounts of HP based on age and build.
  • Pups- 10/10 Health
  • Apprentices- 20/20 Health
  • (Small) Adults- 30/30 Health
  • (Medium) Adults- 35/35 Health
  • (Large) Adults- 40/40 Health

As a wolf ages from pup to apprentice to adult, the appropriate number of health is added after a ceremony. Therefore it is important to specify what build your wolf ends up having once he or she reaches the adult ranks, so the appropriate number of HP is added. During a fight, once your health reaches -5 you have fainted, and -10 is death. Before you attack for a -10, the death of the character must be approved by its player. Your health can only be replenished by visiting a Medicine Wolf and receiving proper herbs for your injuries.If your wolf receives an injury OUTSIDE of a battle, such as a scrape when falling, or a broken leg, health is subtracted. -5 health per cut/scrape, and -20 per major injury (such as broken leg, paw, etc.)

Strength, Agility, & Defense
Strength is essentially the basis of the Fighting System. The base strength of the attack is rolled via a random number from 1-30 on Wolves with particularly mighty strength receive an additional perk because of this, detailed below:
  • 10 strength - +2 attack perk
  • 20 strength - +3 attack perk
  • 30 strength - +4 attack perk

After this perk is added onto the base attack number, it is compared with the Agility. If the number is higher than the Agility Statistic of the opponent, the attack is a hit. The agility number is then subtracted from the strength number (with the perk) that had just been rolled and calculated. Defense also plays a role in the strength of an attack. Wolves that are more weighted towards defense also receive a perk, similar to those weighted towards strength, as detailed below:
  • 20 defense- -2 attack
  • 30 defense- -4 attack

If a defense perk is applicable, then (depending on the defense stat of the opponent) some attack power may be subtracted from the final attack strength. This final number is subtracted from the total HP of the player. The fight then continues until one player has either fainted, yielded, or died

You earn 1 skill point per fight you have won. After you've proven yourself to be a formidable opponent, you may exchange your skill points for more strength, agility, and defense points in the Crystal Cave. However, make sure to keep track of your skill points on our Fight Tracker thread so we may know who the fiercest fighter of the forest really is!

II. Now Let's Put It All Together!!
Now that you know what the different parts of this system mean, below is a mock fight to show them in action. The wolf that posts the request will be going first in the fight.

Wolf 1 has: 30 strength, 10 Agility, 20 Defense, and 40 HP.
Wolf 2 has: 10 Strength, 15 Agility, 10 Defense, and 30 HP.

Wolf 1 rolls a 21. The attack is a hit.
21+4= 25 - 15 = 10
Wolf 2 has 20 HP.

Wolf 2 rolls a 4. The attack is a miss.

Wolf 1 rolls a 5. The attack is a miss.

Wolf 2 rolls a 23. The attack is a hit.
23+2 = 25 -2 = 23 - 10 = 13
Wolf 1 has 27 HP.

Wolf 1 rolls a 15. The attack is a miss.

Wolf 2 rolls a 3. The attack is a miss.

Wolf 1 rolls a 19. The attack is a hit.
19+4 = 23 - 15 = 8.
Wolf 2 has 12 HP.

Wolf 2 yields, the fight is over.

I hope this makes sense! If you have any questions or concerns please post in Maintenance. Thanks!
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The Fighting System
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