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 Warning System

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PostSubject: Warning System   Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:58 pm

Please review the information below and become acquainted with it, as this is the warning system that we use on this website if you break any of the rules listed in the Forum Rules topic. Mods and admins will keep note of all warnings on your account.

Your warning bar is viewable both on the forums underneath your name as well as in your profile. Any official warnings will be added to this bar.

Below is the systems that the moderators will follow when warning a member.

- In role-play, you will be reminded 4 times before given an official warning if you break the 4 sentences rule or god-mod/powerplay.
- If we catch anyone committing art theft and we have good reason to believe the artwork or photography is indeed not yours, you will automatically receive an official warning. Continuing to steal art will eventuate in being unable to sell art in the User Studios, or a site ban.
- Any chatbox related rule breaking will escalate as follows:
  • PM reminder
  • Official warning
  • Temporary chat ban
  • Permanent chat ban

- If the moderators or admins witness any other rule breakage, you will receive a reminder. Further instances of breaking the same rule will escalate to Official warnings, fines, rank stripping, and potential site bans.

Last modified: 5th September 2017
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Warning System
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