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PostSubject: Adopt-A-Character/Puppy   Adopt-A-Character/Puppy I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 06, 2013 10:22 pm

When posting your characters make sure to include the price in crystals. For those outside that have not joined before it is free, but for those already with an account you must pay 200 crystals. You do not need to buy a new character slot from the Crystal Cave provided you roleplay the character for at least two months.

This thread is for those who wish to create a character for others so they can be included in a plot or for puppies that still must be adopted. (We are currently allowing puppies to be born year round as long as you fit the requirements. Please note that if you do decide on having a puppy you will have to wait a bit before role-playing them/them being born as we wait to see if other role-players are interested). Those who are not yet part of this site and are interested in adopting a character are encouraged and welcomed to contact the posting member if they are intrigued by its plot points or just want to start out with a character instead of making one. It is requested/suggested that non-members are given priority over current members for adopting pups and other characters so our community can grow!

NOTE: If you are putting these characters up for adoption, they are not yours. If someone chooses to adopt it you are giving them the reins on your character. You cannot control what they do with it any longer and can only make suggestions regarding the below information.

These characters can be of any age. Those older than pups (so apprentices and up or adult dogs) must have this information in the post. It does not have to have the layout of the following, it just must contain the following information.
◇ Name
◇ Appearance (specific)
◇ History
◇ Dog or Wolf
◇ Suggested Clan/Pack/etc.
◇ Personality (specific)
◇ Age
◇ Any extra information such as possible plots, etc.
◇ Reference/Picture preferably
◇ How to contact member (please have some form outside of this website so those not of TFC can contact if need be)
◇ Requirements for adopting (ex. a role-play sample or what you plan on doing with said character in the future)

I will randomize the number of puppies in the litter so please contact me beforehand. Puppies not adopted are still-born. This litter must obviously be approved before occurring and also the perk must have been bought already. The two happy parents can choose one pup each from the litter to role-play themselves, but they still need to fill out the information for all of them. If you fit all of the requirements, you must include the below information about the puppies:
◇ Name
◇ Appearance (specific)
◇ Mother/Father
◇ Clan/Pack
◇ Personality (specific)
◇ Reference/Picture
◇ How to contact member (please have some form outside of this website so those not of TFC can contact if need be)
◇ Deadline of contact
◇ Any requirements for adopting (ex. a role-play sample or what you plan on doing with said puppy in the future)

The above must be filled out for each puppy created. Then the applications will be sent to the contact member and they will choose who role-plays their puppies. There must be a deadline of contact. Any puppies not adopted will be assumed as stillborn.

If you are not currently a member of TFC there is no price for adopting another character slot. If you are a member of TFC you must have a character slot open or pay 200 crystals in order to purchase.
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PostSubject: Re: Adopt-A-Character/Puppy   Adopt-A-Character/Puppy I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2019 9:19 pm

◇ Name Rainpup-Rainpaw-Rainsong
◇ Appearance A black coat with four white paws and blue eyes
◇ History She was born to Ghostwhisper as she was dying along with her four siblings. She was then brought up by Skysong and Shadowheart within Thunderclan.
◇ Dog or Wolf Wolf
◇ Suggested Clan/Pack/etc. Thunderclan
◇ Personality
Playful – Always up for a game even as an adult she’s not afraid to have some fun, she doesn't mind who she plays with as long as she has a good time and they do too. Occasionally in her play, she’ll end up being a bit too rough when she gets over excited in play but will apologize and try not to do it again.
Loyal - Rainsong is extremely loyal to her family and friends, she’d do anything for them even if that meant breaking the warrior code. Quick to defend her family if someone starts bad mouthing them, she won't tolerate bullying in any shape or form. Rather passionate about how Thunderclan is the best Clan she knows her family tree back several generations and is rather proud that she’s the granddaughter of an ex-Leader.
Unruly - Often times everything will build up into a form of angst, she becomes somewhat grumpy and wants to rebel against the rules that she feels restricts what they could all be. During these times she’ll be rather negative and want to be on her own away from everyone else, she’ll rant a lot more during these times as well, meaning its best to stay away
Bright - When not in an unruly mood she’s rather spunky and bright-hearted looking on the positive side of things even when there is no positive side. When others are upset she’ll tell them to ‘just’ brighten up, she finds the silver lining to every cloud and will tell everyone it despite it sometimes annoying them.

◇ Age 3 moons
◇ Any extra information such as possible plots, etc. N/A
◇ Reference/Picture preferably
Adopt-A-Character/Puppy 23005dd2c07da8a3f4c9a8b96c51bda1
◇ Requirements for adopting N/A

◇ How to contact member To contact me, please message my other account Larkstar. You can also find me on Deviantart

Adopt-A-Character/Puppy OtTIroD
Lineart by Kipine
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