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 Creating Your Character

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PostSubject: Creating Your Character   Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:40 pm

Creating your character is hugely important in becoming a TFC member. It will define your experience and so it is important that you make a well-rounded, believable character that will have an impact on our community and the role-play! Follow the tips below and you will have a character that will interest others and provide and interesting role-play experience!

You must choose whether you want to make a Clan wolf or a House-Dog. Check out our guide here that details some of the pros and cons of choosing Clan life or House-dog life.

Note: There is a separate thread that describes and explains what a House-Dog is. Read that here

I. Appearance
We try to have general realistic qualities in the TFC game, so your wolf or House-Dog should have fur and appearances like a "normal" wolf or dog. Looking at photographs of real wolves might help you to describe your character and create a "look" for him or her. Wolves generally have many colors mixed together in their fur instead of obvious markings, though we allow realistic markings anyway. Eye colors work in a similar way. We allow "realistic" eye colors (green, orange, yellow, etc.), but you can buy unrealistic eye colors (purple, pink, blue as an adult, etc.) in the Crystal Cave later on.

House-dogs are similar in this respect, though it is easier to describe them and come up with a clear picture since the different breeds have defining markings. Eye colors work the same way, although we allow blue because that eye color is common in certain dog breeds.

For both types of characters, another important aspect is their build. Are they large, medium, or small? This is very important when using our Fighting System and when you distribute your fighting stat points. Make sure your character's strengths and weaknesses make sense with their build. You would not have a very large wolf that is also very fast, or vice versa.

II. Personality
Personality greatly affects how your character reacts to others and different situations in the environment. It is important to have a character that you, the player, would enjoy role-playing. Maybe your character is an evil wolf that thirsts for blood? Or a sweet, shy wolf with an irrational fear of bugs? Define your character in a way that will separate them from the rest, without creating a "Mary-Sue."

A "Mary-Sue" character is defined as
Quote :
"a character who lacks the flaws that make up any real or realistic person."
Read this for more info about Mary-Sues.

Your character is much more interesting when they do have faults, because that makes the wolf or dog who he or she is. Remember to include at least three positive traits and three negative traits (or alternatively, two positive, two neutral and two negative traits) when creating your character, but feel free to add more. A helpful list of traits can be found here. Also make sure that, when you create your character, it is one that you could role-play consistently and stay in character with. If you are worried that your character might be a Mary-Sue, take this test here.

Another field in the biography sheet is "Character Alignment." This may be a little hard to understand but it describes how your character would react in certain situations as well as their general personality and thoughts on rules and working with others. Look at this Wikipedia page for more information.
If a block of text confuses you, here's a handy chart that might make it a whole lot simpler.

III. Naming & Choosing a Clan
Clan wolves are different than House-dogs in this respect. House-dogs just have one name (Lucy, Lily, Steve, etc.) while Clan names are made up of two parts, a prefix and a suffix. It is a rather long explanation with many examples, so you can read this if you are not completely familiar with them. We have also provided a Character Name Bank if you can't think of any.

You are free to choose a combination that you like. It can reflect your character (like a white wolf might be Whitestorm) or you can choose a name that is the opposite (Angelwing for an evil wolf, for example.) Have fun choosing a name yourself, because there are thousands of possibilities!

After all this, it is time to choose your Clan path. It is completely up to you regarding which Clan you want to choose, though each generally has a stereotypical "personality." ThunderClan wolves generally have a fire-y temper and follow what they think is right, whether it breaks the warrior code or not. RiverClan wolves tend to be laid-back and calm, and have a fondness for water. ShadowClan wolves are often more mysterious and fierce, and dislike outsiders. WindClan wolves like running and being free, and are quick and agile, while SunClan wolves like the great heights the mountain provides and it is a Clan that was made for "misfits."

House-Dogs have a similar choice. Do you want to live with a Two-Leg or walk the streets alone? It is possible that you may join or create a dog pack eventually, too!

After all is said and done it is time to post your biography! Find it under the "Biographies" section of the forum. The biography sheet is located there as well. Make sure to check out the Character FAQ!
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Creating Your Character
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