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 Breeding/Puppy Information

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PostSubject: Breeding/Puppy Information   Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:19 am

Illicit Relationships

If you are interested in having a mate or puppies with another character, there are a couple things to take under consideration. First of all, if this is an illicit love relationship between wolves of other Clans, you will lose loyalty for doing this and also other penalties for taking this path.  Clan leaders do have a right to banish the parents if they discover the affair. These relationships must also be approved by the Clan leaders which you must do before doing anything (note: this is approval for the plot-line, not the relationship. The leader characters can still react & banish in role-play). The pups would belong to whatever Clan their mother belongs to, and would stay there until they are grown and decide to stay or run away.

Dog/Wolf Hybrids

Dog-wolf mating/breeding is also allowed to create wolf-dog hybrids that are not allowed when originally creating a character. These wolf-dogs would live in the Clans. If the dog character does not live in a Clan but still mates with a wolf in the Clan, this relationship must be approved by the Clan leaders. The mother of the puppies would decide what to do with them. If they do not have a Clan, it is not likely they would survive. Additionally note that the hybrids may be ridiculed by other Clan members for not being full-blood Clan, but they would be brought up like a Clan wolf. If the dog is part of a Clan, the puppies and dog may not still have 100% respect, but it would still be more widely accepted. The rules for doing this would follow the same for those who mate with wolves in their own Clan.

Clan puppies

For wolves that mate or have puppies in their own Clan, this is the most encouraged out of the above options. The mother of the pups would become a Queen while nursing and live in the puppy den while the pups are weaning. The puppies would, of course, be brought up in their Clan and be very well respected and probably promoted more quickly through ranks.

Dog puppies

Dog characters can also mate with other dogs. They are not bound by the Clan/illicit relationship rule unless they are in dog packs and there is a rule against it, or in a Clan. These dogs would create puppy mixes that would contain characteristics from both breeds or be pure-bred if mated with dogs of the same breed. The puppies belong to the mother's pack if she is in one, but always stays with the mother nevertheless.


In all cases, if the mates decide to have puppies, the characters must be adopted by other players or they do not survive. Current players can purchase a second character slot alone (200 crystals) to have a puppy, regardless of if the puppies are in their Clan/another Clan or are dogs. However, you must roleplay the puppy for at least two months, or else you must pay the remainder for a full character slot (which can be between 0-800 more crystals depending on how many characters you have). Outside players can also contact current players in order to adopt their puppy characters, this is the most encouraged so we can gain more members! There will be a topic posted where one can post advertisements/listings for puppies available to adopt or other characters that have interesting pasts, such as siblings to other members or having to do with another plot. Basically, if you want to adopt a puppy, you must purchase a character slot if you are already a member of TFC. If adopting a puppy that is a member of your Clan, you pay no additional fees. If it is a dog pup not in your Clan or a wolf pup in another Clan, you must pay a fee on top of buying the second character slot. If you have a dog character originally and are not part of a Clan or pack, you just pay for the second character slot.

The amount of puppies in a litter will be decided through depending on the average of the wolf species/dog breed. In order to have puppies, you must purchase a puppy perk in the Crystal Cave for whatever price is listed. It is then the parents responsibilities to pick names for the puppies and also decide all the logistics before presenting it to the leaders for approval. If approved, they can make a post under the Adoption thread listing all the puppies/personalities/physical features and other information. If no one decides to adopt the puppies, it is assumed that all were still-born.

If the puppies are adopted, a family-tree can be created to keep track of everything.

Basic Puppy Information

Wolf pups are born in 5-7 pup litters. They are born deaf and blind and are entirely dependent on their mother, who feeds them milk. Pups begin to see 9-12 days after birth and get milk canines at 1 month of age. Pups first leave the den at 3 weeks, and their mothers normally stay with them in the den until then and rely on other pack mates for food and care. The puppies begin to eat meat at 3-4 weeks of age and have play fights at around 3 weeks. They grow a lot during their first 4 months. At 6 months of age, puppies are ready to become apprentices in their Clan. Fur coloring depends on the wolf species.

Dog puppies are born in average of 6 puppies per litter, though this depends widely on the breed. Smaller toy breeds normally have 1-4 puppies, while larger breeds have more. The puppies have similar growth spurts and behaviors as the wolf puppies and are highly dependent on their mothers at birth. Both wolf and dog puppies are born with blue eyes which change color later on.

Dog-wolf hybrids will follow the same procedure as wolf pups, just for the sake of simplicity.

If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to ask!
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Breeding/Puppy Information
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