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 A small nerd in a big world

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PostSubject: A small nerd in a big world   Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:32 am

Hi there! I'm Lily and I role play as my main character, Lilysong as well as Marauderpup and Thornfur.

I was an active participant on the original site from 2011 (or 2012, I'm truly awful when it comes to dates) with a character by the name of Heatherfrost of WindClan who later became Heatherstar. It was around this time that my first lapse in activity began before I disappeared completely for a stretch of time. As many of you on here will know, that was not to be my only bout of inactivity as from the time of the creation of this site until this very day, I have had many periods of inactivity with a character called Lilysong. Each time I left for various reasons, but I always returned due to my love for the dynamic literary environment that role playing provides, especially on a site with such lovely members.
I have some recollection of posting a similar 'getting to know me' topic as Heatherstar on the old site, but frankly, that was written by my 12 year old self, and I can barely resist the urge to cringe when reading it. Hopefully this version will set me in a somewhat more favourable light.

So, diving straight in there, I'm from Wales, Great Britain, more commonly known as the Land of Sheep. Despite having lived here all my life and most of my family coming from pure Welsh heritage, I have thankfully managed to evade catching the quite frankly ridiculous Welsh accent.

Family: I have an identical twin who, for the most part, shares same interests as me, but who has recently dyed her hair and ruined the sacred gift that was our identicalness (not that I'm at all bitter).

Pets: I adore cats and have recently become the owner of four black cats (2 kittens that we recently acquired who go by the names of Woody and Willow, an 8 year old cat called Molly and a 7 year old cat named Tilly). Both Molly and Tilly are obese (it turns out 4 cat treats are the equivalent to 2 cookies for a human???? Wish I'd known that sooner!) but they're all cuddly and loveable.

Favourite animal: One might assume, due to the number of cats that I own, that my favourite animals are cats. However, whilst I do adore them, I have a particular love for squirrels and bumblebees.

Interests: My hobbies include astronomy, cycling and general geeking out (I'm a massive fan of the Harry Potter and Star Wars universes, as well as most Marvel productions). I'm not that into video games, although it is something that greatly appeals to me (but if you happen to be a fan of the game 'Life is Strange' then holla at me boi, Pricefield ftw).
I aspire to follow some sort of engineering or physics based career in the future, although I have not yet found anything I'm truly passionate about pursuing as a career.
I'm a big fan of reading and writing, and am always a sucker for an interesting plot. I've never been exactly excellent at creating an intricate plot line myself, but I live in hope that by practising my writing on sites like these (and through the influence of wonderful plot-devisers such as Raven Razz) I will eventually find some creativity.  
My favourite colour is probably red and in terms of music, I'd have to say that I edge towards anything classical (shout out to Ludovico Einaudi, I recommend is music if you're into that sort of thing) but aside from that I'll listen to just about anything with a catchy beat.
I used to play the piano and guitar and also practised karate for a time, although I inevitably gave each of these up many years ago (something which I regret doing) as I'm typically quite lazy by nature.

Fears: There are many things that I dislike but an actual fear of mine would definitely be public speaking (given that I'm an incredibly introverted character).

Things I'm especially bad at: I'm really rather terrible when it comes to remembering dates, but I'm truly awful when it comes to faces

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions (especially if you want to natter about anything even remotely nerdy) but other than that, I'm afraid that's all I'm willing to share for the time being. I'm sure by chatting to you all on here you'll get to know me better. Thank you for reading Very Happy

Warrior of WindClan

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." ~ Nelson Mandela
"A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing" - Elizabeth I

Credit to Larkstar for the lovely avatar

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A small nerd in a big world
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