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 ShadowClan Info

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PostSubject: ShadowClan Info   Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:05 pm


Wolf Credit- Kati H.

ShadowClan is home to the proud and cunning. They have a reputation for being deceitful, arrogant and cold-hearted; however, this does not hold true for every ShadowClan warrior. Most ShadowClan wolves are stealthy and can keep hidden from even the sharpest of eyes. ShadowClan's territory is swampy and marshy, and lizards and toads make up a large part of their diet. They also eat voles, squirrels, deer, and other forest prey. One should take heed not to anger ShadowClan, for they are known to be fierce in battle.

Recent Events; 22nd Nov: With the death of Nightstar, Dragonsteel has become the next leader, and is set upon turning Shadowclan to rights again. Minkfur has been chosen as the new deputy.



Medicine Wolf

Medicine Wolf Apprentice


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Senior Warriors

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Young Warriors


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ShadowClan Info
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