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Wolf Credit- Jessi S.
WindClan is home to the fastest wolves of the forest. The open grasslands and moorlands are the perfect place for these wolves to see how fast they can really run. WindClan's diet is composed mainly of rabbits and hares, but an occasional deer is caught. WindClan wolves tend to be smaller sized on average. They're very loyal, and quick not only on paw but in wit as well. WindClan wolves tend to dislike water, and prefer to sleep out under the stars rather than in dens; in fact, their camp has only a nursery and leader's den.

Recent Events; 22nd Nov: Lilacsplash has died due to birthing complications. Heavycloud has left the clan and joined Sunclan, and Lilysong has been made the new deputy.



Medicine Wolf

Medicine Wolf Apprentice


Senior Warriors

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Young Warriors



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WindClan Info
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