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 Plotter Information

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PostSubject: Plotter Information   Plotter Information I_icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2016 4:13 am

Welcome to the Plotting section, where you can post plotter topics for your characters in order to find and plan out new plots and relationships (friends, enemies, a love interest, etc.). Feel free to start your own topic or post in another user's topic with plot suggestions. In your own topic you can include what type of plots you'd be interested in for your characters, or keep track of which plots your characters are currently in if you'd like.

A simple Plotter table is available below if you'd like to use an HTML table. However, if you'd rather that your topic only have text rather than a table, or if you'd like to use your own table, feel free to do so instead. You're also welcome to make any changes to the below tables as you feel necessary.

HTML table code:

Example of above code:

Example Table:
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Plotter Information
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