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 Oceanpaw training with Twistedfoot

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PostSubject: Oceanpaw training with Twistedfoot   Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:22 am

Welcome, Oceanpaw, to your training topic! It is here that you'll learn the skills necessary to become a medicine wolf of RiverClan. You will need to get at least 30/60 in three skills to be promoted. Although Twistedfoot has a short temper and can be blunt, she will try to be patient and understanding. Please let me know if there are any skills you'd like to focus on in particular.

Roleplay Stats:
(Idea originally by Magmafeather)

Hunting Large Animals[0/60]
Successful: 12 points--Unsuccessful: 5 points

Hunting Medium Animals[0/60]
Successful: 8 points--Unsuccessful: 4 points

Hunting Small Animals[0/60]
Successful: 4 points--Unsuccessful: 2 points

Successful: 6 points--Unsuccessful: 3 points

Finding Prey[0/60]
Small: Successful, 4 points, unsuccessful, 2 points (if many prey is found at once, then you will receive points for finding two prey)
Medium/Fish: Successful, 5 points, unsuccessful, 3 points
Large: Successful, 6 points, unsuccessful, 3 points

Finding Herbs[0/60]
Quickly found- 7 points, Not very fast- 4 points, Did not find any- 2 points

Mixing Poultices[0/60]
Successful- 7 points, unsuccessful: 4 points

Scouting for Predators[0/60]
Found any: 8 points, unsuccessful: 2 points (finding a group of predators will earn the points for finding three, finding an animal that could be considered as both prey and a predator will give you half the points)

Offensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 6 points, unsuccessful: 4 points, more may be earned when fighting prey/predators

Defensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 7 points, unsuccessful: 4 points

Problem Solving[0/60]
Solution found quickly: 10 points, Solution found: 8 points, Tried but no solution found: 4 points


Beside her, the river moseyed along, splashing against the stones that lied by its banks. Every once and a while a fish leaped out of the water, leaving behind a pattern of ripples in its wake. It was here that Twistedfoot had decided to have Oceanpaw's training session. While they could have practiced learning the uses of each herb in camp, Twistedfoot thought that it would be better for them to train out in the forest, where they could locate most of the herbs in their natural habitat. Besides, a medicine wolf needed to have basic hunting and fighting training, which they certainly couldn't do at camp. I'll teach Oceanpaw about herbs that grow near water first, she decided. After that, perhaps they could work on learning about poultices, or other herbs, or maybe even hunting or fighting. Twistedfoot wasn't looking forward to the latter two, however. She wasn't very good at either of those skills.

~Twistedfoot, medicine wolf of RiverClan

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PostSubject: Re: Oceanpaw training with Twistedfoot   Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:52 am

Oceanpaw bounced down to the river to meet her mentor with her head high and a big grin on her muzzle. Attempting to stop at Twistedfoots side the apprentice overestimated her speed and ended up tumbling into the gray females back leg first. ”Sorry Twistedfoot.” she said clambering back onto her paws. With a quick shake of her pelt she sat beside the older female calmly and looked at her with a tilted head. ”What are we learning today?” the apprentice asked with pricked ears. She couldn’t wait to start her training under the medicine wolf and be able to help her clan like she had Bubblepaw with the thorn in her pawpad.

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Oceanpaw training with Twistedfoot
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