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 French Shenannigans

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White Demon
White Demon

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PostSubject: French Shenannigans    French Shenannigans  I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 12, 2017 5:35 am

Welcome to the white demon training Val, although small he's rather feisty and intelligent and more than eager to show his craft to those who are eager to learn it. Other wolves/dogs showing up are more than welcome
Roleplay Stats:
(Idea originally by Magmafeather)

Hunting Large Animals[0/60]
Successful: 12 points--Unsuccessful: 5 points

Hunting Medium Animals[0/60]
Successful: 8 points--Unsuccessful: 4 points

Hunting Small Animals[0/60]
Successful: 4 points--Unsuccessful: 2 points

Successful: 6 points--Unsuccessful: 3 points

Finding Prey[0/60]
Small: Successful, 4 points, unsuccessful, 2 points (if many prey is found at once, then you will receive points for finding two prey)
Medium/Fish: Successful, 5 points, unsuccessful, 3 points
Large: Successful, 6 points, unsuccessful, 3 points

Finding Herbs[0/60]
Quickly found- 7 points, Not very fast- 4 points, Did not find any- 2 points

Scouting for Predators[0/60]
Found any: 8 points, unsuccessful: 2 points (finding a group of predators will earn the points for finding three, finding an animal that could be considered as both prey and a predator will give you half the points)

Offensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 6 points, unsuccessful: 4 points, more may be earned when fighting prey/predators

Defensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 7 points, unsuccessful: 4 points

Problem Solving[0/60]
Solution found quickly: 10 points, Solution found: 8 points, Tried but no solution found: 4 points

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PostSubject: Re: French Shenannigans    French Shenannigans  I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 26, 2017 1:43 am

A slick, black form lightly slunk through the brush, swiftly heading to the spot where her mentor had chosen to train her. She wasn't so thrilled about having to train, considering her age- she was old enough to have pups!- but she wouldn't complain. Besides, she didn't receive "proper" training in her old pack. Her mate had relayed what he learned to her. She missed him dearly, still, but she knew she needed to get over his death, and over her time in that pack in general. It was cruel, unforgiving, horrid... Shaking her head, Val dismissed the thoughts before padding into the clearing where her training would be held. While she sat down, she looked into the sky, wondering what the White Demon would teach her first. She somewhat wished to learn how to fight, since it definitely wasn't her most skilled area. Val was swift and quick on her paws; one to flee, not to fight. However, she figured being in ShadowClan required fighting. She'd do what it'd take to stay in the clan.

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French Shenannigans
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