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 The Dark Forest Vampire

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Dark Forest Vampire

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PostSubject: The Dark Forest Vampire   Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:01 pm

The Basics
Name: Coldharbor -> Lusterpelt
Gender: Female
Age: Long dead
Species: 99% wolf 1% dog
Rank: Dark Forest Vampire
Alignment: Neutral evil

Coat Colour: white
Fur Markings and Scars: red dot on her forehead
Eye Colour: Orange-red

Positive Traits: Skilled fighter
Negative Traits: Sexist, Bloodthirsty, Cannibal, twisted, ruthless,
Detailed Personality: Very sexist and holding the belief that females are naturally superior to males as they were the ones who carried, birthed and raise pups, those that try to argue with her on this point end up sliced and diced. Naturally blood thirsty she enjoys fighting, hurting others and spilling blood, indeed its one of her ways to get the blood pumping in her veins. Believing that eating the flesh of the dead strengthens one and gives them more powers, she particularly enjoys eating weak males, as to her she is recycling their bodies and turning it into power and strength. A twisted she wolf she taks a great pleasure in torturing others and is ruthless in this pursuit, often sharing her views on the world with other strong females and urging them to join her
Likes: Canine flesh, killing males, revenge, converting others to her ways
Dislikes: Males, Males that have power,
Fears: Eclipsestar

History: Originally a street wolf/dog, the female was young still when she was brutally attacked physically and sexually by Eclipsestar, left for dead with a drop of blood left on her forehead she was found by dog fight trainers who considered her perfect bait to train other dogs to kill. Patched up messily and shoved into the ring, her new found hatred of males lead her to kill every single male she came up against and devour them leading to her ring name The Vampire. Eventually retired from fighting they used her to produce more pups except they had to take them away from her at birth or she’d slaughter the males, eventually the burly white female escaped and joined Stormclan being renamed Lusterpelt. She had Forsakensoul then left the clan again finding the leaders too weak for her taste, she had Cheshiregrin before she bit off her pups leg and was finally killed.  welcomed into the dark forest with the rare title of never being defeated in battle. There she met Eclipsestar again who claimed her as his unwilling mate, while she continued her thirst for blood and flesh.

Friends: eclipsestar
Acquaintances: Other dark forest wolves
Strangers: The clans
Enemies: Eclipsestar, Males
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The Dark Forest Vampire
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