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 Ivyshade training Tremblepaw

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PostSubject: Ivyshade training Tremblepaw   Ivyshade training Tremblepaw I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 09, 2017 8:36 pm

Hey there! Welcome to Tremblepaw's training! Anyone is allowed to join, though Ivyshade may scold or run anyone off who distracts her apprentice from learning. In order for Tremblepaw to become a full Medicine Wolf, she must earn 45 points in both finding herbs and mixing poultices, and earn another 30 points in whatever skill she chooses.

Roleplay Stats:
(Idea originally by Magmafeather)

Hunting Large Animals[0/60]
Successful: 12 points--Unsuccessful: 5 points

Hunting Medium Animals[0/60]
Successful: 8 points--Unsuccessful: 4 points

Hunting Small Animals[0/60]
Successful: 4 points--Unsuccessful: 2 points

Successful: 6 points--Unsuccessful: 3 points

Finding Prey[0/60]
Small: Successful, 4 points, unsuccessful, 2 points (if many prey is found at once, then you will receive points for finding two prey)
Medium/Fish: Successful, 5 points, unsuccessful, 3 points
Large: Successful, 6 points, unsuccessful, 3 points

Finding Herbs[0/60]
Quickly found- 7 points, Not very fast- 4 points, Did not find any- 2 points

Mixing Poultices[0/60]
Successful, 7 points, Unsuccessful, 4 points

Scouting for Predators[0/60]
Found any: 8 points, unsuccessful: 2 points (finding a group of predators will earn the points for finding three, finding an animal that could be considered as both prey and a predator will give you half the points)

Offensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 6 points, unsuccessful: 4 points, more may be earned when fighting prey/predators

Defensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 7 points, unsuccessful: 4 points

Problem Solving[0/60]
Solution found quickly: 10 points, Solution found: 8 points, Tried but no solution found: 4 points


Ivyshade arrived at the training area at the crack of dawn, her paws pricking quietly into the soft clearing. Usually Ivy wasn't too much of a morning wolf, but today she wanted to get a full day's worth of training in. Although she didn't show it, she was actually very excited to be teaching her very own apprentice. Being in one of the most battle-hungry clans of the forest, she knew that the extra help would be a relief to her and to the clan. There was much she wanted to show Tremblepaw, and as she sat down and waited for her apprentice to show up, she couldn't help but ponder over what she would show her first. "Identifying different plants and herbs would be a good way to start." Indeed, it was their most important job and it would only make sense that this would be the one they started with. Ivyshade recalled fondly her apprenticeship with Twistedfoot, and she wondered how her old mentor was doing.

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Ivyshade training Tremblepaw
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