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 Heatherfrost and Peachpaw Training

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PostSubject: Heatherfrost and Peachpaw Training   Heatherfrost and Peachpaw Training I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 06, 2017 7:11 am

Welcome Peachpaw to your training with Heatherfrost! She'll be gentle with you, like she always is, and don't worry, she'll explain things the way you need it explained.
To graduate to young warrior, you need to earn 30/60 in three skills. Let Heather know if there's anything you want to focus on!
Anyone else is free to join is they want to.

Roleplay Stats:
(Idea originally by Magmafeather)

Hunting Large Animals[0/60]
Successful: 12 points--Unsuccessful: 5 points

Hunting Medium Animals[0/60]
Successful: 8 points--Unsuccessful: 4 points

Hunting Small Animals[0/60]
Successful: 4 points--Unsuccessful: 2 points

Successful: 6 points--Unsuccessful: 3 points

Finding Prey[0/60]
Small: Successful, 4 points, unsuccessful, 2 points (if many prey is found at once, then you will receive points for finding two prey)
Medium/Fish: Successful, 5 points, unsuccessful, 3 points
Large: Successful, 6 points, unsuccessful, 3 points

Finding Herbs[0/60]
Quickly found- 7 points, Not very fast- 4 points, Did not find any- 2 points

Scouting for Predators[0/60]
Found any: 8 points, unsuccessful: 2 points (finding a group of predators will earn the points for finding three, finding an animal that could be considered as both prey and a predator will give you half the points)

Offensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 6 points, unsuccessful: 4 points, more may be earned when fighting prey/predators

Defensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 7 points, unsuccessful: 4 points

Problem Solving[0/60]
Solution found quickly: 10 points, Solution found: 8 points, Tried but no solution found: 4 points
Padding into the clearing, the gentle pale red wolf found a spot in the sun, unaware that it was exactly how her son had begun his training with Galepaw. Waiting patiently for the bright orange pup - no, apprentice - she'd been given to train, the wise female half closed her eyes, thinking about everything that had been going on. It was going to be interesting training one that she saw as her family, but she trusted Riverstar in this. She did seem to be the only one that Peachpaw even liked, let alone listened to. She was just going to have to be careful to keep him out of thinking far too much about things. She'd noticed that he often fell into a dark thought pattern, and while his sister was able to nudge him out of it, it was going to be interesting how he reacted when the adult shewolf tried it.

"Be yourself; everyone else is taken."
"A mistake repeated more than once is a decision."
"Follow your heart, but take your brain with you."

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Heatherfrost and Peachpaw Training
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