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 Active Members of the Site

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PostSubject: Active Members of the Site   Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:57 am

Should you have a need to contact any of our staff onsite, these are their main accounts, as well as the other characters that they roleplay as and their roles around the site.

Main Account
Other Accounts
Roles Around the Site
Ashdust, Blackaddder, Bramblerose, Cheshire, Claire, Curlyriver, Dappledforest, Dragonstar, Eaglevision, Embershard, Glittershine, Honeybadger, Jesterfang, Lana, Melissa, Mustangspirit, Peachblossom, Ravensky, Rosethorn, Shadowheart, Shadowsnake, Silentstorm, Silverfern, Stormblade, Stormlight, Sunheart, Timescatter/Spacedust, Tremblecloud, White Demon, Willowmist, Windfleck
Event Manager - Invents the events, browses the suggestions thread, and keeps an eye on chat for any potential ideas.
Antfur, Barkclaw, Beechfoot, Cloudwisp, Ferretdash, Flamebreeze, Iceflood, Jaspercloud, Kody, Leopardstrike, Lightningdust, Lilacrain, Lunablossom, Pigeonheart, Pinedusk, Rainheart, Sebastian, Stoatblaze, Thrushheart, Tourmaline, Tricksterspirit, Twistedfoot
Image Manager - ensures all themed images are up to date and credited for on site. Also in charge of the user payment thread for user studios.
Ivyshade, Pebblepup, Rainsong, Silvertongue, Wrenclaw
Crystal Cave Coordinator - keeps an eye on the Crystal Cave thread to stay on top of user purchases.
Galestorm, Moonbeeeze, Oceanmoon, Phoenixblaze, Silvercloud, Tigerstorm
Skill Point Manager - Allocates skill points from the thread when users post there.
Generates the character skill sheets for new users
Angus, Ashfrost, Bagel, Blackmane, Darkwind, Direheart, Eclipselight, Follyfoot, Heatherfrost, Hollowfang, Julian, Killian, Skysong, Skywhisper, Sol
Event Manager - Invents the events, browses the suggestions thread, and keeps an eye on chat for any potential ideas.
Also cleans the forums of old topics and bios.
Marauderheart, Thornfur
Scan forums and chat box for rule breaks.
Darkstorm, Lightfire, Lion, Specklefrost, Stoneheart, Val, Violetmist
Scan forums and chat box for rule breaks.

Should you need to get in contact with any users that are not on the staff team, these are their characters below, and their main one linked.

Main Account
Other Accounts
Gentleheart, Misty
Avalanchefeather, Berrywhisker, Bubblebounce, Glacierpath, Grizzly, Pancake, Ripplesplash, Sleetstripe, Viper
Featherstorm, Palesun
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Active Members of the Site
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