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PostSubject: C O L D S T R I P E //   C O L D S T R I P E // I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 10, 2017 3:00 am

C O L D S T R I P E // Untitl10
C O L D S T R I P E // Coolte10

    NAME // Coldstripe
    NICKNAMES // Cold, Stripe
    AGE // 2 years old.
    GENDER // Male
    ORIENTATION // Heterosexual (straight)
    SCENT // Coldstripe is known to have a scent that will get your heart racing in any second. This fragrance features scents of mint, lavender, sandalwood, cedar, as well as rich amber, combining to create an elegant yet laid back scent. It's a modern, but quite effective scent.
    VOICE // Colin O'Donoghue
    POSITION // He wishes to be a Medicine Wolf.
    CLAN // Riverclan.
    C O L D S T R I P E // Coolte10
    PELT/COAT // His undercoat is that of a dark charcoal entwined with an intriguing and supple brown, though it darkens through the thick ruff of his undercoat that is spectacularly laced gorgeously with a somber black and pearly silver that twirls throughout the muscular columns of his back and trails lightly down the lean sides of his silhouette, tipping off his tail, and highlighting his slender figure, keeping the well trained muscles that lay just under the surface of his coat which is unseen to most, giving him a strong advantage.
    EYES // Coldstripe's eyes is that of an unfathomable liquid blue, illuminated especially under the light of the moon, utterly and completely hypnotic. The color itself is equivalent to the beauty of the ocean. As it gleams a light blue, it is lined with thin streaks of an icier blue, swirling vividly around the circle of his pupil and around the very edge of his iris. The color itself also has some smooth splashes of a slightly darker blue.
    C O L D S T R I P E // Coolte14
    PERSONALITY // Coldstripe is extremely caring, loving, helpful, understanding, selfless, empathetic, and compassionate. He doesn't like to see others suffering or in any kind of pain, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Coldstripe can be very wise and comforting to others and people can always depend on him. He likes to give advice, help people, and comfort others who need it and support. Coldstripe is always willing to lend a helping hand when it is needed the most and he will put the needs of others before his own. He is always willing to save people, especially those who need saving the most at a particular time. He is the kind of person who tries to protect and save everyone at the same time. Coldstripe is also highly honorable, noble, brave, courageous, altruistic, and selfless, especially when it comes to people he loves and cares about. When it seems appropriate, Coldstripe can be very fun-loving, upbeat and humorous. He is particularly practical, charming, playful, mischievous, and humorous around his close friends or people he knows. He can sometimes be somewhat sarcastic or display a dry, sarcastic wit.
    Coldstripe is usually one to shy away from people, because he thinks that he'll embarrass himself in some way. He is a very selfless, idealistic approach to love. Coldstripe is known to be respectful, polite, courteous, and chivalrous towards females. He always respects female's choices and decisions, even if he doesn't agree with them. He is often very tender, loving, and gentle towards females but is also extremely passionate. Coldstripe has proven many times, that values such as respect, honesty and trust are very important to him when it comes to romance, love, and relationships. Coldstripe often emphasizes the importance of free will, freedom, liberty, choices, and respecting one's decisions. This was shown with his ex mate. His deep, strong love for his mate has highlighted how understanding and loving he can truly be. His mate's own compassion and kindness were very important to Coldstripe. He was often very loving and gentle towards his mate but also extremely passionate about her.
    Coldstripe is always the first to stand up alongside his companions, and won't hesitate to show they are his main priority. He can show this by defending them and sharing his compassion. He can also be very unconsciously shy, subtle, and definitely holds a soft spot for the people he cares about the most. Even though people try to bring him down and try to make him seem like a bad person, you can conclude him to being a friendly, lovable male, who in the end makes the right decisions. Even though people point out things to him, gradually, with the help of his future companions, they'll leave him alone, let loose and let him be the wonderful male he always was, and maybe perhaps, he will be able to find someone who he can love and become passionate about again.
    C O L D S T R I P E // Coolte12
    LIKINGS //
    • Calm, quiet places
    • Company
    • Jokes and laughter
    • Honesty and trust
    • Respect
    • Affection
    • Thinking
    • Betrayal and liars
    • Anxiety
    • Reckless and bossy
    • Disrespect
    • Ignorance
    SPECIES // Timber Wolf
    C O L D S T R I P E // Coolte13
    FAMILY // He can't remember.
    MATE // Coldstripe has no partner, though this doesn't bother him much. Coldstripe is in no rush for a female mate. He doesn't wish to have a female to call his own right now, however, he's not 'afraid of commitment'.
    PUPS // Coldstripe isn't sure whether he'd be a good father because as a young, he had no influence to follow. Pups would be wonderful, but only with someone he loves dearly, and right now -- no such perfect exists. A nice gal and a brood of 4 would be ideal, as Coldstripe would try his hardest to be a loving father and spoil his children rotten. It just probably won't happen.
    CRUSH // No female has impressed Coldstripe very much.
    FRIENDS // None.
    FOES // None and he wishes to keep this blank.
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PostSubject: Re: C O L D S T R I P E //   C O L D S T R I P E // I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 10, 2017 3:05 am

Very lovely bio Coldstripe, Welcome to TFC! Very Happy

However, unusual eye colors such as blue must be bought in the crystal cave. If you'd like you could put a more normal eye color for now and then buy blue eyes for your character once you have enough crystals? I doubt it'll take very long to save up. c:
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PostSubject: Re: C O L D S T R I P E //   C O L D S T R I P E // I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 10, 2017 3:08 am

Welcome coldstripe! You haven't added in your stats Smile add those in and we can accept you

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PostSubject: Re: C O L D S T R I P E //   C O L D S T R I P E // I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 10, 2017 3:10 am

Eek I love him already!!! Colin O'Donohgue's voice makes me melt lmao. Welcome to TFC and I hope to see you around!
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PostSubject: Re: C O L D S T R I P E //   C O L D S T R I P E // I_icon_minitime

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C O L D S T R I P E //
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