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 A Land Down Under

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PostSubject: A Land Down Under   Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:09 am

Hey everyone! I'm best known as Wolf, though on other sites I do go by Wyndy as well.

I tend to be more of a loner rp-er on here - though it's easier coming back the second time round to get a few clan wolves into the mix. The characters I write as are:
Angus, Ashfrost, Bagel, Blackmane, Follyfoot, Heatherfrost, Jory, Julian, Killian, Riverstar, Skysong, and Sol.

If you want to get in touch with me, Killian and Riverstar are my two most active ones, so I'll be sure to see a PM there first.

About me? Well, first off I live down under in Australia, and I'm currently in university with a major in horses and dogs. So if those topics are brought up, I'll be able to talk for hours and hours about them! I adore horses, and I'm lucky enough to own four of my own. All of them are used as stockhorses on our farm, and range from being 13 years old to 27 years old.

Personally, I'm terribly introverted, so joining this site with a ton of other rp-ers was a hard thing in itself - I much prefer one on ones. So this is going to be interesting for me, but I'm sure I'll end up loving it just as much.
I adore writing, tending to use it as a stress-reliever, and I've got plenty of novels that I've finished and am halfway through working on.

I also really hate talking about myself, so I'm gonna stop there. I'm super friendly in the chatbox though, so if you see me around, don't be afraid to say hi and start up a conversation. Smile
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A Land Down Under
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