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 All about Raven

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PostSubject: All about Raven   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:47 am

Hi all, I'm Raven and I play Rosestar and
Ashfall, Blackaddder, Bramblerose, Cheshire ,Claire, Daniella, Dappledforest, Delilah, Dragonsteel, Embershard, Frozenfeather, Ghostwhisper, Honeybadger, Jesterfang, Lana, Lilacsplash, Maplebreeze, Melissa, Mistypelt, Peachblossom, Shadowheart, Sofia, Silentstorm, Sky, Silverfern, Stormblade, Sunheart, Ted, Thomas, Timescatter/Spacedust, Tremblecloud, White demon, Willowmist, Windfleck

Rosestar is my main account so if you need to get intouch with me thats the best account to pm Smile

I originally came from the original website that TFC had up and along with a few other people founded Sunclan as Direstar. I took a break from the site and came back to it in about 2014 to return again in 2016, Roleplaying is a big part of my life and is one of my majory passions. Currently i've been on the site the second longest, the longest being Graystar. Thats my history and now for a little bit more about me which is the whole point of this thread is it not?

I'm from a place called New Zealand, neighbours with Australia, I've been writing since early 2009 now and really enjoy rping as wolves although I have another site where I rp as humans/supernatural creatures. I own three wonderful horses named Charlie, Fred and Captain Peacock – They're ex harness racing horses and Peacock won the NZ derby when he was a younger horse. They're my pride and passion, with Captain Peacock being the horse i've got the closest bond with, I show them as well as hacking out and about and taking them for rides at the local river or forest. Charlie was a bit of a rescue case as the stables he came from hadn't taken great care of him which means he can be a bit funny about things but he's come such a long way. Fred never made it to the race track as he was too lazy and slow to be worth trying, Theres pictures of them on my DA account,
Click for a link to my Deviant Art Account
Pets wise I also have a moggie called Whiskas (Original I know, I was eight give me a break xD)

Personality wise, I'm usually pretty easy going and like to try and help people as best as I can, definitely not one to bite your head off if something goes wrong. Although I can talk about horses for ages so be prepared to learn all sorts of horsey facts some useful and some not so much! I'm not always good at reading people and on the internet that can be a little bit tougher so bear with me C: I happen to have Asperger's syndrome which makes it harder for me to socalizse but I'm working on it :3

Favourite Movie: So hard to choose, probably Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite Colour: Peacock blue and dark greens
Favourite animal: Horses (obviously)
Favourite anime: higurashi no Naku Koro ni, higurashi no naku Koro ni kai, ginga nagareboshi gin, wolfs rain, shugo chara,
Favourite manga: deadman wonderland and skip beat
Favourite food: a good roast dinner yum
Favourite pet: Captain Peacock
Tattoos?: Yep, I have a peacock feather on the inside of my arm and his brand going over my wrist (a pic is on my DA)
Hacking or showing?: I get plenty of pleasure out of hacking my horses out, but I also really enjoy showing off how well schooled they are in the ring haha bit of a toughie
Favourite subjects?: History and Classics! Had a great teacher in highschool who really installed a passion of them
Over seas: I've been to australia a couple of times and in 2014 went over to Europe which was an AMAZING experience, i'd love to go back there
Music?: I have a wide varied taste in music, I like things from the black beauty sound track to bon jovi
Fears: I fear the dark, spiders/wild mice do give me a bit of a fright, i'm a light weight with horror movies too i'll get jump scared in movies that aren't even horror
Friends?: I dont have a lot of close irl friends, those that I do have i'd do almost anything for
Favourite Video game: I love Okami, Skyrim and Pokemon games
Favourite Book Series: Tamora Pierces wild magic quartet, protector of the small quartet and trickster books, I also love the 'His Dark Materials' series
Least favourite thing: Running and Earthquakes

So thats about it from me! Flick me a pm if you have any questions,
queries or concerns - I don't bite ;D


"'Tis but a scratch. I've had worse."
"It's just a flesh wound.  Come on ya pansy."
"What are you gonna do, bleed on me?"
"Oh, oh, I see! Running away, eh? You cravens! "
"Come back here and take what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!"

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All about Raven
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