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 Biography Sheet

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PostSubject: Biography Sheet   Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:40 pm

Here's the mandatory part of the biography sheet. Please post this as a topic in the Unaccepted Biographies sub-forum. Remember, most of the new members start out as pups! Here is some important information:

● Please remain as realistic as possible with your wolves. Striking markings that are unusual in regular wolves are allowed, as well as blue eye colors for pups. No purple, pink, or outrageous colors, please. The most common wolf eye colors are browns and golds. Pup eyes are blue and then change into their "normal" colors between 2 and 4 months. You can buy unrealistic eye colors in the Crystal Cave.
● No accessories on your wolves such as collars, but you can buy these later on in the Crystal Cave. All the wolves are born in the Clans.
● Your biography must be accepted by an admin before beginning to role-play!
● Pups are less than 6 months, apprentices can be 6 months or older. Warriors ages depend on when they graduate from being an apprentice.
● You must select at least four personality traits for your character. Two of these must be negative. A list with some possible traits can be found here.
● For more tips on creating a character, please read our guide.

Remember to scroll all the way down for all the information and also to distribute your points. Here are the points you must distribute based on your character rank:

● Pups- 10 points
● Apprentices- 20 points
● Adults- 30 points

Additionally, list your character's HP based on their build:

● Pups- 10/10 Health
● Apprentices- 20/20 Health
● (Small) Adults- 30/30 Health
● (Medium) Adults- 35/35 Health
● (Large) Adults- 40/40 Health

Please read this guide to learn more about distribution.


Other Characters:


[u]The Basics[/u]

Coat Color:
Fur Markings and Scars:
Eye color:

[u]Skill Points[/u]

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:
Detailed Personality:


Friends -
Acquaintances -
Strangers -
Enemies -

[u]Any unrealistic markings, items, eyes colours purchased:[/u]
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Biography Sheet
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