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 ShadowClan Camp

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PostSubject: ShadowClan Camp   Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:55 am

First topic message reminder :

The ShadowClan camp is situated in a grove of mangroves where the water has long since dried up, since before the Clans arrived. To make dens, the members have woven leaves and twigs through the top of the exposed roots. The camp gets fairly muddy in leafbare but is pleasantly cool and sheltered from the hot greenleaf sun. The leader's den is directly underneath one of the biggest mangroves, and when addressing the Clan the leader leaps up onto the 'roof' of their den.
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PostSubject: Re: ShadowClan Camp   Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:35 am

Distracted and lost in his thoughts the steel grey male took a few moments to respond to Direhearts question, stirring suddenly he looked over at the red and white male in question and nodded "Pick either patrol" he rumbled, perhaps his staying awake for roughly two nights in a row was starting to get to him. He'd curl up and catch a few Z's and get his mental acuity back to where it should be, rising up on his paws he headed for the warrior den before he remembered with some disgust that Nightstars solitary den was now his. Rolling his shoulders and taking a long breath he couldn't help but compare his new sleeping quarters to the solitary cage he'd slept in when he had been used as a fighting creature of death and destruction. Scratching at the thick fur at his neck, he padded into the den and snorted at the thick smell of the previous leader, pushing the nest out of the den he curled up on the bare floor of the den and rested his chin on the end of his tail like a sort of pillow for his muzzle.


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PostSubject: Re: ShadowClan Camp   Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:16 am

The lean warrior gave a quick nod, scanning the camp to decide which patrol he wanted to go on. The weather had seemed to change all of a sudden, new-leaf apparently had been a blink and miss it sort of season. But at least green leaf meant they could really stock up on the fresh kill pile, and hopefully the strange happenings that had been going on would settle down and leave the clan in peace. Still quite unable to see where his golden hued apprentice was, the red wolf simply gave a slight shrug on his shoulders and trotted off to follow the patrol to Shade's Outlook.

Shade's Outlook
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PostSubject: Re: ShadowClan Camp   

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ShadowClan Camp
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