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 Affiliate with Us!

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PostSubject: Affiliate with Us!   Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:22 pm

If you are interested in affiliating yourselves with TFC, you must:
● Have an active forum, meaning have recent posts no more than 1 month of age. We are allowed to remove you from our box if we feel you are not active enough.
● Have a button 88x31 in size
● Have our button listed on your website before requesting an affiliation.
● Leave our button on your website- we will periodically check, and if our button is removed yours will be too.
● Our button must be on the main page of your forum where it can be seen in a static box and MUST link back to our forum ( )
● The button you supply us with cannot have any vulgar language or inappropriate themes

Choose one of the following buttons.

Replace the code below with the link you have chosen.

<a href=""><img src="insert link here" /></a>
After this has been done, you can either create a thread on this forum with your request and a link to your website.
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Affiliate with Us!
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