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 By Blood And Bone - Fantasy Wolf Roleplay

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PostSubject: By Blood And Bone - Fantasy Wolf Roleplay   Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:42 am

The land once known as Victus has perished by the blood of three almighty gods brought low by their own children who are now thrown into blackness. Awakening in a land not known to any.

Ithania, a new world made for new beginnings. The old packs are gone, new packs have been made and different forms of life is made known to those who are of the other world.

Join us now at http: //www .blood-and-bone. com

The continuation of Sordid Secrets has arrived!
We host a number of different species, powers and fun events for all! A literate canine RP and we're waiting on you to join us!
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By Blood And Bone - Fantasy Wolf Roleplay
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