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 Hello There!

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PostSubject: Hello There!   Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:14 pm

Salutations! I suppose if you're viewing this, you must be a guest; either that or you're a robotic unicorn. Either way, I'm Zero, one of the site Moderators. If you have any questions, comments, or even feedback, feel free to ask right here! I'd be happy to guide you along on our happy little home here at TFC. And don't be shy, we don't bite! Well, at least I don't most of the time We encourage you to talk to us, and all of us would be happy to talk to you! Who knows, maybe you might even become a member! Even if there's no way you would even think about joining us, you can still send us a shout-out. We love, love, LOVE hearing what you guys think about our community!

~Sincerely, Zero.
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Hello There!
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