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 Grass Beneath My Paws

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PostSubject: Grass Beneath My Paws   Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:05 am

Advanced Realistic Roleplay | Non-Literate | Unique Roleplay

The clans we all once loved..Engulfed by flames, ashes took the place where they once stood. Moons and moons passed..The old traditions and stories, the warrior code, still in place as generations came and rose four new clans. The large feuds and battles between the old clans which were formed by the ancestors have been diminished and new rivalries and drama are stirring in the clans. The old clans led easy lives compared to now...Now wolves surround the clans- bordered with each clan, stealing their prey and causing distress to those younger members.

Which path will you take?
Which leader will you put your trust in?
Or will you take the rank of a wolf and learn their ways?

The grass is beneath your paws.
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Grass Beneath My Paws
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