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 The Kumari Wolves

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PostSubject: The Kumari Wolves   Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:05 pm

Have you wondered wondered what's beyond the border?
Come closer, let me share this with you..
Imagine, grasses of emerald green and summer isles perfumed with the scents of a million wild flowers. Forests with trees so high that their canopies cast sunlight that litters the ground with a million day light stars. A pack of wolves make their home, bound together by a loyalty wound with trust. They live for each other and for the love they share.

That was before the rogues came. The land was plundered, the game was hunted and taken. Betrayal was admitted within the Elite Guard and alpha deceit was requited. Pup snatching saw the family split and the wolves disbanded to form their own alliances. War erupted and small hope was found.  
In Kumari! Your fantastic journey in life has landed you here on our daring land with our charismatic inhabitants; aren't you lucky! The land here can be rewarding and homely, but should you end up on the wrong side of the spectrum you'll find it harsh and unforgiving; make sure you befriend the right wolves. They aren't all as nice as they seem... From the outside looking within, all might seem to be a smooth ride to easy town, but I dare you to take a closer look; investigate for yourself. There are things that the untainted eye cannot see, hidden in all corners of this vastly growing land. Things you wouldn't dream of pursuing, happening under the radar.

Recent events include an old Alpha stepping down, new alphas stepping in, a pack aligned with good loosing members and a family biased yet chaotic pack gaining members.
I r r e v o c a b l e L o v e T r i a n g l e s ...D e m o n i c E n c o u n t e r s...
A l p h a D e c i e t... P a c k W a r f a r e...
So, what do you do now? Are you frightened; do you run from your fate? Or will you stand your groundand join to face the wrath these wolves can bring; or will you make your own legacy in Kumari History and raise a pack from the ashes to claim as your own and conquer all who oppose you? The choice is yours; make sure it's not your last..
Some things to look forward to in Kumari :
*Communal Accounts for added fun and drama - New!
*Character Groups to chose from.
*Numerous Packs to choose from!
*Work your way towards Your own Pack!

What is left of the family remains, but now, they are not alone.

Kumari is a play by post, semi-realistic wolf role play. With more than one pack, and each pack with something different to offer, you'll surely find what you are looking for; and if not, make one of your own.

It is no matter. You can fight, or you can hide; you could make Kumari history.
Your life is what you make it. What little advice we can offer you before you step inside our lands is: Make the right friends; and if you don't.. Don't get caught.

(I can't post a link as a guest, but if you google 'The Kumari Wolves' you can find us)
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The Kumari Wolves
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